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The ways guests search for vacation destinations, engage with properties, and book a stay is ever-changing, and so are our digital efforts. Regency works closely with our strategic partner, Click Rain, to incorporate the latest trends and technology into our digital marketing plans. The partnership helps us hold all of our efforts up to specific ROI goals to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

We work together to incorporate these elements into overall revenue and marketing strategies.

  • Paid Search Campaigns & Optimization: Paid search campaigns provide great ROI, with many of our properties seeing 150% + returns.
  • Email Marketing: Email is still one of the best ways to get in front of your audience, and provides some of the highest ROI of any marketing efforts.
  • Social Media Advertising: Social media has become a primary channel for engaging with past and potential guests to help inspire them to book a vacation. 
  • Display Banners & Remarketing: Targeted efforts like display and remarketing campaigns drive online conversions and help increase overall brand awareness and exposure to your destination.
  • Native Content: What better way to inspire someone to vacation at a property than to share all the best reasons to through stories, photos, and videos? We create native content pieces that live on a property’s website and are promoted on reputable publisher websites as related articles (including Business Insider, News Week, etc.)
  • Local Listings: The internet (Google) cares if your property name and address are listed differently, like using “South” in some street addresses and “S.” in others. We work to make all digital listings consistent.
  • Reviews: Reviews impact more than a guest’s decision to stay. They also have an impact on organic search rankings. We use a third-party platform to help monitor reviews, benchmark our property reviews against others in the competitive set, and help to generate new reviews to provide the best information to both potential guests and search algorithms.

Part of our program also covers digital marketing training and support resources for on-site staff. This includes sending out monthly newsletters, hosting quarterly webinars, and providing quarterly campaign strategies. 

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