Golf Course & Country Club Management

Regency Club Management was built by golf enthusiasts to fill a void in the club and golf management world. We tailor our governance approach to the unique traits and needs of each club, combining boutique services with the purchasing power of a well-established management company.

Our aim is to celebrate and grow the great game of golf by strengthening every club or course we manage.

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At Regency Club Management, we are golfers who love the game and want to help it grow.

Northern Bay Golf Course on the Edge of the Clubhouse

Golf Management Services

Regency Club Management offers a full range of management services for courses and country clubs. We can provide efficient solutions to whatever issues your operation is currently facing.

Executive Recruitment & Replacement

A club is only as strong as its people. We can help your club hire and train the right candidates to lead the operation, from general managers to chefs, golf pros to tennis pros, CFOs, and beyond.

We partner with the client to understand their long-term needs and objectives, then work to match the best candidates to present to the final decision-makers. We handle all the details, from sorting resumes to background checks and, depending on the position, administering various tests to help determine the fit.

Club Consultancy

Regency Club Management offers a comprehensive à la carte Consulting service for private clubs, public/municipal, semi-private, and resort courses. We deploy our proprietary program to evaluate your property across the board, identify key strengths and weaknesses.

With this data, we develop a strategic plan for your team to meet and exceed member expectations, as well as assist and direct Boards and Committees in developing new short- and long-term goals for the club.

Northern Bay Golf Course At Sunrise

Retreat Facilitation

Our team is happy to help you facilitate Board Retreats. We'll work with your Club Governance team, your Operational team, and membership to create a mission-driven agenda that supports your short- and long-term strategic plans. We'll help identify future opportunities, capital needs, how to fund them, and more.

Membership Satisfaction

Ever wonder what members really want from your club? We offer a Membership Satisfaction Survey to help you find out. This is not your typical mail out; we personalize every survey for every club, so the results are specific and actionable. We can also conduct on-site meetings and video “interviews” with your membership to capture more accurate data to help you improve your operations to satisfy member demand.

Full Operational Management

Regency Club Management offers numerous solutions for full Operations Management. We strive to respect the unique personality of each property while leveraging our corporate powers to help reduce costs and eliminate waste. Ultimately, we want your operation to be best in class, model operation. 

Our complete management solution takes care of all day-to-day operations of your club.

  • Clubhouse, F&B
  • Golf, Tennis, Fitness
  • Course and Turf Management
  • Accounting/Finance
  • IT
  • Membership
  • Marketing

These services are offered to private clubs, semi-private clubs, daily-fee operations, public/municipal operations, and resort operations.

Let's Work Together

We'd be honored to partner with you and your golf Club. The first step is to provide us with details about your operation via a Request for Proposal. From there, we'll let you know how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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