State Game Lodge at Custer State Park Resort, Black Hills of South Dakota

Create a Natural Getaway

Over the past two decades, we’ve partnered with state parks and resorts to help bring the finesse of hospitality to the gorgeous views of state parks. Currently we partner with nine state park resorts in South Dakota, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Our Approach

We know relationships matter. We strive to have open and transparent relationships with state governments and boards to work through what is required at a state level as well as what is best for the property. Most state parks have seasonal influxes and we have the experience to hire for seasonality needs. From helping employees get H2B Visas to college recruitment, we take the necessary steps to get you the help your property needs.

Our Expertise

At Regency, our expertise is hospitality. You can have the most gorgeous views, beautiful lakes, and serene hiking trails, but bad service can leave a longer-lasting impression. We work with each state park and resort to increase skills, look for ways to extend the guests' stays, and more. 

Not only do we invest in people: we invest in infrastructure as well. We’ve partnered with the state of South Dakota for several years to manage Custer State Park Resorts. During this time, Regency has invested over 80 million in structural renovations and new cabin builds.