Why Your Hotel Needs a Marketing Department

It can be overwhelming to figure out a marketing plan that is effective and affordable. We aim to simplify the marketing process and align our marketing efforts to drive more direct bookings and increase overall guest engagement.

Here are some of the advantages that our marketing team has brought to Regency properties. 

Engaging Customers and Driving Value with Website Personalization

Website Personalization, also known as dynamic content, creates an experience that adapts to the interests and behaviors of the visitor. It helps website visitors stay on the site longer, visit more pages, and has been shown to increase the average booking value. Over the past year, we implemented data-driven web personalization and have seen some fantastic outcomes, here are some results from the end of 2021: 

  • Dynamic content users spent an average of 52% longer on websites than non-dynamic users. 
  • Dynamic content users viewed 41% more pages than non-dynamic users. 
  • Dynamic content users had a 6% higher online booking value than non-dynamic content users
  • Dynamic content accounted for 85% of new website email signups 

Smart, dynamic content delights customers and leverages the valuable insights your visitors have provided. 

Getting More For Less, With Paid Search 

Paid search is so much more than showing up in search results, it works as a comprehensive channel that drives traffic to your website and helps you better understand your target audience. 

Our paid media campaigns are tailored for each property and designed to connect with consumers along their buying journey. 

We know properties always want the best return on ad spend, so we continually measure the performance and optimize to get more brand awareness for less spend. 

  • Regency properties have an average 300% + return on paid search spend.
  • In the past year, our optimizations have resulted in a consistent 35% decrease in the average cost-per-click (the cost we pay to serve an ad).

Building Better Emails 

Email is a great way to engage with past and future guests, drive revenue and build loyalty. We’ve leveraged our robust email database to bring insights that increase email open rates, click rates, and drive revenue. 


  • Across Regency’s portfolio, our open rate is 8% higher and the click rate is 4% higher than the hospitality industry average. 
  • In 2021, Regency delivered over 1.6 million emails. An increased click rate of 4% equates to 67,000 extra clicks to Regency property websites and booking engines

Embracing Guest Reviews

Travelers consider many factors when choosing lodging, including location, images, amenities, and reviews. After almost six decades of hotel management experience, we’ve recognized the power of reviews. Reviews impact more than a guest’s decision to stay. They also have an impact on organic search rankings. We use a third-party platform to help monitor reviews, benchmark our property reviews against others in the competitive set, and help to generate new reviews to provide the best information to both potential guests and search algorithms.

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