Engaging Guests with Dynamic Web Content

Give Guests the Content They Want

Every Regency-managed hotel property has a user-friendly website that functions as an online extension of its hospitality services. Hospitality means serving our guests, and our websites are no exception. Our websites aim to welcome. 

The Challenge

The challenge, however, is creating a unique web experience for potential guests, one that stands out from the myriad other hotel sites out there. Just about everyone has a website now; how could our sites compel and convince visitors to book with us over our competitors? 

In this case study, read how one Regency property overcame this challenge with dynamic web content.

The Solution

Dynamic content is digital marketing content that changes based on data, user behavior, and preferences. This is typically seen in the format of text, image, or video of such content. 

Dynamic content aims to improve a visitor’s overall experience on your site by delivering personalized messaging and imagery based on historical website interactions and other identified triggers. This generates a website experience with greater relevance for each viewer—leading to improved conversion and engagement rates on your site.

The Results

We recently integrated dynamic content on the website of one of our major properties, the Lodge at Deadwood. The results were spectacular.

Visitors who saw dynamic content stayed on site longer and viewed far more content than visitors who did not see dynamic content. This suggests that serving the right content for the right audience will lead to more engagement with your property. 

Amazingly, visitors who were served dynamic content were also 3x more likely to click to the booking engine to book a reservation compared to those who were not served dynamic content. 

The explanation for these great results is simple: dynamic content provides guests with a more personalized, and therefore a more meaningful, experience on your website. It helps your hotel appear more friendly and your invitation to visit more convincing—leading to more bookings. 

In the hospitality industry, we're always striving to provide guests with personalized and meaningful experiences. Dynamic web content is just the next step, and a tactic we will continue to utilize on Regency Hotel Management property websites. The results are worth it.


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