Why Work With Regency Hotel Management

We're Not Just Another Management Company

Our team takes an intuitive approach to reaching goals and adapting our skills to meet your needs. We’ll help you uncover revenue opportunities and ensure your property reaches its fullest potential. Stop paying for a management company that puts its own interests ahead of yours, and see what a true partnership can lead to. 

1. We're Your Partner & Advisor

When you start working with us, you'll notice we ask a lot of questions. We want to learn about your company's objectives, and we want to partner with you in every way for your success. We become your asset manager and advisor—our team wants to ensure each property has a positive profit and guest satisfaction increases.

2. A Franchise Doesn't Always Make Sense

We understand that franchise fees can be expensive. Depending on your property and location, they may not be necessary. We look at the numbers and see if the brand contributions and ADR can offset the franchise fees and incremental costs. With rising PIP requirements, sometimes it's better to have the freedom to set your own design and guest impact standards. When a franchise does make sense, we are brand-certified with Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, and Best Western. 

3. We Focus on the Bottom Line

We measure our success by your success. While top-line revenue matters, we strive to make our impact on the bottom line to make properties more financially stable. We pride ourselves in the impact we make within just one year of management. Properties have seen over 5,000% growth in cash available for debt services within the first year of working with us.

4. We Specialize in Independent Hotels

We've prototyped hotels, broken the mold in markets with new offerings, and positioned independent brands to hold their own. We have a full-service team available to help with systems, accounting, finance, marketing, and more to service the needs of independent hotels. The independent brands we operate are ClubHouse Hotel & Suites, Arrowwood Resorts, and Ramkota Hotels. 

5. We Invest in Our People

At Regency, we understand our people are our biggest assets. We foster growth within our organization and have team members with more than 20 years of experience within our properties. Not only do we retain our employees due to new opportunities, but we also focus on our culture. Our Corporate Culture & Training curriculum brings leadership training to all levels.