Profit Growth with One Year of Management

Turning Revenue into Profit

In one year of management, Regency has been able to directly impact cash available for debt services time and time again. With 5,182% growth, our team knows how to impact your bottom line. 

The Challenge

Cash available for debt services is a prime indicator of a hotel's financial stability and helps drive better returns for investors. It's a number we pay close attention to, but not every management company knows how to impact it. 

We've been turning problems into profits for nearly 40 years. I'm very confident we can help you, too.

Tom Biegler, President & CEO

The Solution

When we begin working with a new property or investment group, we bring in our team of experts to understand firsthand how things have been running. From there, we begin providing more efficiencies and implementing best practices. With Regency, we get to work right away. That's the biggest difference between partnering with us and partnering with someone else. We conduct a full confidential assessment of any property before we begin working together.

The assessment shows us three things: 

  1. The market demand, based on supply as well as quality and type of supply in competitive set
  2. The property's condition, along with any possible issues and areas of opportunity 
  3. The financial portion to understand the revenue potential and to determine how to offset any identified decline

Through our up-front work, our experienced team is able to hit the ground running the day we begin together. What that means for you: results within the first year. 

The Results      

Over the years, we've onboarded more than 60 properties and have seen great results. Through our team's efforts, properties with negative cash flow now have positive returns. The graph below shows a handful of properties we've managed and the impact we've made in only 12 months. We've seen growth totaling an increase of 5,158% in profits for properties. 

These numbers represent actual profit growth of cash available for debt service after one year of Regency's management. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in managing both branded and independent hotels translate to increased profits in one year.