Creating New Experiences With Add-Ons

Guest Experience Comes First 

At the heart of the hospitality industry is a drive to create delightful hotel experiences for guests. Not just a good night's sleep, not just affordable room rates, but experiences. Hundreds of hotels offer comparable services and amenities; so the key to standing out is in offering a unique combination of guest benefits that makes a stay at your property something special. 

This becomes even more pressing when your customers are uncertain about traveling, which has been the case throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

2020 significantly challenged the hospitality and travel industries. In many places, travel was discouraged or even shut down completely because of the coronavirus. This is understandable, but we still had work to do.

At Regency, we quickly got to brainstorming new ways to continue generating revenue while keeping our guests safe. Of course, every guest experience should be safe from beginning to end. But we wanted to go even further than that. And we did. 

The Solution 

We found the best way to boost revenue over the past years was to enhance the status of current guests by offering add-on packages, including:

  • Restaurant discounts
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Early check-in/late check-out
  • Pet treats 
  • Date night add-ons
  • Extra firewood
  • Kayak rental

By providing these and additional add-on options, we empowered guests to create their own unique experience by customizing their stay according to their preferences. Our discovery? They were excited by that possibility.

Every guest defines a "unique experience" differently, and you probably can't meet everyone's expectations on your own. You can, however, give guests the building blocks for creating that experience to fit their wants and needs.

The Result

Between boat rentals, extra rounds of golf, firewood bundles, and more, guests at one property alone—Salt Fork Lodge—selected over 550 add-ons in the year, generating tens of thousands in add-on revenue. 

In the aggregate, our properties generated $102K in additional revenue throughout 2020, a year where every dollar counted. This led us to an insightful conclusion, which is the basis of this case study: Guests are willing to pay for a more customizable experience. And we are happy to continue providing an array of unique add-ons to help them enjoy great getaways at all our properties. 

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