Chief Executive Officer and President of Regency Hotel Management

Headshot of Tom Biegler

Tom Biegler was named Regency Hotel Management's President and CEO in 2012.  Regency Hotel Management is one of the top 100 management hotel companies in the United States.  

With more than three decades of hotel experience, Tom is known for his calm demeanor and leadership style to manage a hotel team to success through excellent communication, strategies, processes, and goals.  During his tenure, Tom has worked with nearly every hotel brand allowing him to experience a variety of leadership styles, which helped him develop his own methodical outline for driving top-line revenues and turning them into desired bottom line profits.  

Most importantly, Tom has a heightened skill of balancing the needs of a property with the priorities of a hotel owner.  He is extremely competent in finding solutions for every problem, whether it be financial or with personnel.  Tom has extensive industry knowledge and never backs down from taking on a difficult task to the desired result. 

Tom's hotel career began with his first job as a bellman in 1976 and is a 1982 graduate of Northern State University.  Tom and his wife, Karolyn, have two sons.  While Tom has an incredible passion and dedication for his company's success, he finds his balance by enjoying golf whenever he can.