Corporate Purchasing Director

Lyle Schneider

Lyle Schneider is the Corporate Purchasing Director of Regency Hotel Management. Part of his role is to ensure that Regency has negotiated the best pricing for products resulting in a healthier bottom line for properties.

Lyle works hand-in-hand with properties to make sure they’re buying the right products at the right prices. And if they want something sourced, Lyle does his best to make it happen.

Lyle has been with Regency for more than four decades. During this time he’s held virtually every position within the company, starting as a busboy and working his way up to a general manager. The personal connections he forms with Regency property employees is primarily due to his vast experience. He’s been in their shoes and can anticipate their needs and questions.

What Lyle is most proud of is the ease in which Regency takes on new projects and delivers excellence at every level to both their properties and guests.