Director of State Parks

Tom Arvan is the Director of State Parks at Regency Hotel Management. He brings more than 25 years of state park experience to the organization. The relationships Tom has made through the years with state entities are invaluable. His expert knowledge of state processes translates into getting things done effectively and efficiently. Tom's ability to navigate the complexities of state procedures allows for seamless property upgrades and improvements.

Knowing that State Parks struggle with deferred maintenance projects, Tom quickly identifies areas of improvement, comes up with a plan to address those issues, and gets to work. He provides a service to guide them on the best products to purchase and utilizes Regency buying power to obtain great pricing. The result is a better guest experience and overall financial security of the property, something in which Tom takes great pride.

Tom's knowledge of the hotel industry and vast state park experience have taken Regency properties to new heights. As the company adds more state parks to its portfolio, continued success will surely follow.